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Mentor Commitments



image title what is a mentor


  • A mentor is a person who transmits his or her knowledge based on years of experience to a mentee or apprentice.
  • The main objectives are to guide, stimulate, challenge and help to enhance a person's skills and talents on a personal professional level.
image title what is expected of you


  • That you support the mentee by sharing your experiences and helping them in their professional development.
  • That you meet with the mentee at least 6 times in 6 months.
  • We will provide you with a support manual to facilitate the sessions and the development of the programme.
  • We will monitor you throughout the programme, providing the necessary support.


image title mentor skills


  • Ability to empathise and build a relationship of trust.
  • Active listening skills, using dialogue as a means to teach and assess.
  • Know how to behave in a professional situation.
  • Provide continuous positive feedback.
  • Cognitive, functional, personal, ethical competences


image title tips for the programme

Suggested topics:

  • career aspirations
  • what it means to go beyond academia
  • non-academic skills
  • deepening conflict management skills
  • time management
  • gender considerations
  • networking


image title who can be a mentor


  • We want to create a network of professionals related in some way to research, development and innovation, project management, or simply the development of a profession with solid experience.
  • It is only necessary to have an experience that allows you to offer a first-hand view of what it means to enter the employment world, what kind of tasks you do, what competences you have acquired and what behaviours have been useful to you to get to where you are now.
image title training


  • Mentors will be invited to a meeting for an initial online training on two dates and times to facilitate participation. The objective of this training will be to explain the basics of mentoring and this programme. Participation in this webinar is mandatory.
  • Mentors will be invited to share their experiences throughout the programme with other mentors through an online meeting in the middle of the programme (January 2022) to share successful practices.